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sea the forever is sea the, 2018

Every 35 minutes, sea the forever is sea the begins again. The video is punctuated by Super Trouper Intermission, which features a flute quartet performing ABBA’s Super Trouper. Benches with separate channels of audio are placed along the room’s perimeter. Maps illustrating pieces of the video’s script are presented for viewers to take. Custom-printed beach towels suggest the shoreline and orient viewers towards different channels of video.


sea the forever is sea the, 2018, Duration - 23:30

sea the forever is sea the is a fragmentary travelogue that moves between time, space, and outer space. The artist takes a road trip with her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother to the Very Large Array.


Today is the winter solstice, 2017

In an installation presented at a black box theater, Today is the winter solstice, I first direct viewers to sit in the theater’s seating and watch two videos. When the videos finish, the audience is encouraged to float throughout the auditorium and stage, experiencing the work from viewpoints that include director’s chairs, beach towels, and a lifeguard chair squished into the theater’s seating. Four shaped screens partially catch video projection. These videos address perspective, reimagining how the horizon line, the shoreline, the sunset is drawn. The projections continue beyond the “front” surface of the screens; the image is visible on both sides of a paper screen. I ask an audience member to wear a head-mounted camera while viewing the installation. They take a beach towel, place it in front of a screen. Their shadow is cast onto the screen. The outline of the head-mounted camera is visible, mirroring the performer in the projected video Scenic Overlook, who also wears one. 

Scenic Overlook, 2017, Duration - 6:58

Bowls cast in salt and epoxy resin begin to dissolve, change shape, and leak when filled with water. In Scenic Overlook, the bowls travel to the beach, where they are activated within a new environment. 


D(r)iving through time (And the sun sets), 2017

Heat radiates from projectors, theatrical lights, and a sculpted candle. Prop-like director’s chairs act as projector stands and sculptures, challenging directorial control.


Launch a ship, 2017, Performance with Maya Olympia Bush at Temple University's Pool 31

In the performance, handwritten text on vinyl banners float, extending the length of two pool lanes. Two performers begin at opposite sides of the pool and read the same text, echoing each other.  

ELINO(W)R, 2017

An arc of director’s chairs extends from one wall to another, enclosing two channels of video projection, sun sea concrete and Seeing spring (2017).


sun sea concrete, 2017, Duration - 3:08

An unstable horizon evokes sea sickness. A porthole incised in the center becomes a spotlight. My great-grandmother, Elinor, is spotlit by the sun.


Nightgown Curtain, 2016–ongoing, Current Duration - 5:16

Nightgown Curtain is an ongoing project that will ideally one day reach the duration of a feature. The nightgowns, kaftans, and muumuus are cut out from mail order catalogs that my grandmother receives, scanned, and animated, becoming a hypnotic theatrical curtain.